Archive | August 2010


At the age of nearly 72 I am embarking down a blank road of experience with an attempt to write.  I have much to learn about all of this and am constantly on the lookout for good information about writing and all that it entails.  During my lifetime, I have traveled down a variety of paths of experience in other creative endeavors, traumatic/dramatic experiences, I’m a survivor with a positive attitude. Death has been at my door several times and God has had other plans for me and miracle upon miracle I’m alive!  I’ve had a “yen” for writing for a long time.  Lately I’ve been feeling more than a nudge from the Lord to do something about the yen and he will be there for me.  Trust in Jesus is the main reason I’m entering this endeavor – so perhaps one day you will see a book on a stand somewhere with my name on it.