This week I’ve been interviewing a remarkable young woman on my blog who is recovering from PSTD. She has been giving me a fascinating interview and I’m sensing that it hasn’t received the viewing attention we are hoping for. She has written a book covering her impossible life since childhood and many years of her difficult adult life that led to her PSTD. In my opinion, this is an important issue that more individuals should be aware of. There is hope for these victims, which she speaks about with excitement and trust in the Lord to heal others of this distressing disorder. Since this interview was to be posted in daily intervals for five days….and I feel it is important enough to not publish the third day, tomorrow, so that we can encourage traffic to my blog to read the interview before we publish the third, fourth and final episodes. Honestly folks, we hope you will just give us a look and see if you’re not prompted to follow the rest of the postings. There is no intention of offending anyone…the intention is toward Leslie Raddatz to let others read and hear of her experiences that led to her authoring a book soon to be released. She has worked very hard and is finally receiving public attention through radio and her local news. She deserves all the attention she is worthily due.

Thank you and God bless you all,

Barb Shelton

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