You Think You Deserve That Pain, But You Don’t!

You Think You Deserve That Pain, But You Don’t


There comes a point in everyone’s life that is experiencing pain, pain that is caused by another person in their life, usually resulting from that person not knowing how to love their self, directly effecting the people with whom they are in relationships with, that a person must be willing to move on.

Many times, many situations and many people cannot be fixed by the ones that love them. A person has to figure out that a lot of problems that they have lie within who they are as a person, and have to make a valiant commitment to fixing their self before they can make any type of commitment to fix a relationship. Think about how hard it is to change you; trying to change someone else is almost an impossible task if a person doesn’t first want to change his or her own heart. Through it all, know that you are special, and that you don’t deserve the pain a person is willing to continuously put you through.


2 thoughts on “You Think You Deserve That Pain, But You Don’t!

  1. Thank you Diane for your wonderful comment. Yes, God is the ultimate healer. While we can’t fix others, we can pray for them to desire change. Give it to God. I totally agree with your empathetic allowance of letting the other decide. I’m happy that you wrote a response to that article…..I always pray that someone will respond with God as the answer to the problem. Others do matter to us. Yes, change is always one day at a time process.


  2. I have a choice. I do not have to accept another’s actions, or feel pain. I can choose empathy and allow the person to make their own decisions. Trying to fix or change anyone else denies them their own dignity as a human being. God is the ultimate healer, I don’t stand in the way of the Light that shines from God to each one in his creation. I say this with such confidence…let me add, it is a one day at a time thing. 🙂


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