Well, friends – at the moment I’m disgruntled!  I had written a post for today and was adding a photo and…you guessed it…..I LOST THE ENTIRE POST!!  My apologies to all, I will try to remember all that I wrote and try to post again tomorrow.  Too many irons in the fire, so to speak.

Enjoy your day and evening and pray for a better tomorrow.




3 thoughts on “JUST LOST NEW POST…Agh!!

  1. Wonder how you are? Hank has Parkinsons and my P Neuropathy is sneaking up. Charlie and Sharolyn Chamberlin are having their 50th on Oct. 7th. Phyllis K.


    • Oh, so nice to hear from you on my blog. You’ve been in my thoughts many times and I feel guilty that I haven’t let you know. I can empathize greatly with your neuropathy issues – we do have the same genes…LOL You and Hank will be in my prayers. I’ll try to write you a more detailed letter soon via email. Life doesn’t slow down a bit after retirement! LOL

      Blessed by Grace,


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