Hello friends, it really is me….apologizing for my long absence from this blog.  The past few months have been a true testing of not only my life in numerous ways, but of my family, my mother, my church and my personal computer.  First of all, I turned 75 in October and am wondering if the Lord decided to test me to let me know I’m still capable of coming to the fore and meeting new challenges.

Plans had been made for my daughter and I to visit my mother during the month of November for the purpose of celebrating her 95th birthday and Thanksgiving.  We arrived in Portland, Oregon from Texas, met mama and my brother at the airport and stopped for a lovely dinner at Appleby’s before going to mama’s home where she and my brother live.  We settled down for the night completely unexpecting to be awakened early in the morning to mama having a stroke.  We rushed her fearfully to the emergency room at Providence Hospital in Portland beginning to realize that it truly was providential that we were there with mother.  Five days in the hospital, praying diligently for answers.  God blessed my mother with grace to continue her life, only quite different from what she was accustomed.  Her balance and ability to walk without help was drastically changed – and physical/occupational therapy began before leaving the hospital and will continue indefinitely at home.

Now…became a tougher test for me in particular.  Over the past twelve years of personally experiencing illness and physical setbacks, I became somewhat physically immobilized – enough that my husband became my caregiver, cook, housekeeper, chauffeur and encourager.  In Portland, God blessed me with a supernatural strength to nurse mama, cook, etc for the entire month of our visit.  It was difficult, to say the least – and oh, how grateful that I was able to help in this crises.  My daughter was extremely helpful during all of this time and has my loving appreciation.  And yes, we celebrated mama’s 95th birthday and were very thankful at Thanksgiving.  Of course, now that I am home again, my husband is convinced that he will be the recipient of home cooked meals from his wife again.  So, Lord, hear my prayer!!

Before leaving for Portland, my personal computer gagged, hiccuped and passed out.  One of my sons is a computer specialist and lives in Illinois.  It’s not possible for me to explain the logistics of how he was able to work on my computer in my absence from Texas….but I’m relieved to announce that during the coming week, my computer will show up on my desk once more.  In the meanwhile, I’ve been using an aged laptop, my Samsung tablet  and cell phone to communicate with the world.  Those authors who had requested my reviews kindly understood why I could not finish my work during this time.

However…..the testing isn’t over yet!!  We arrived home hours before the ice age took over and we are still housebound.  But, this too shall pass and we know not what plans the Lord has in store for us – so our prayers rise to the heavens like mini-clouds of breath. Sure hope they aren’t delayed by icicles hanging from their ascension.

Well friends, I can’t promise a definite date when I’ll be blogging, reviewing and writing again……but….I’ll be back when the Lord assigns the time.  Stay safe during the rush and busyness of this season of celebrations.  Be blessed with the grace of Jesus at this festive observance of His birth.





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  1. x
    Submitted on 2013/12/07 at 9:34 PM | In reply to Marianne Jordan.
    Your post means so much to me, and I’m sad about the loss of your mother. Yes, my emotions are all over the place because mama is not the mother any longer that we knew – but she still has that determination even though her mind and thinking has changed. There are many other complications in our lives that I didn’t elaborate on but prayers are appreciated for situations that God is aware of. You will often be in my thoughts and prayers that your grief will fade into beautiful memories in due time. Marianne, I hope you will forgive that I’m not aware of your new book. I would be interested in learning about it and read…as soon as I get the time. It’s all in God’s perfect timing. I’m so grateful for his love. Thank you for sharing.

    In Christian Joy,


  2. Marianne Jordan x
    Submitted on 2013/12/07 at 5:27 PM
    My heart goes out to you. All I can say is that I know exactly where you are. Emotions all over the place. At times, having to break life down to one breath at a time. I get it. My mom passed away from complications with Alzheimer’s on November 13, less than a week after my book launch. It wasn’t until late yesterday that I decided to put up a Christmas tree. Haven’t decorated it, but it’s up. Like I said, one breath at a time.

    Thinking of you.
    Marianne Jordan


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