About Barb

Barb is married to Jack Shelton, a retired military officer and lives in Arlington, Texas. Having been married for thirty seven years, Barb and Jack share eight children between them, (His, Mine, Ours); 19 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. Barb was born and raised in Enterprise, Kansas. She is musically inclined and is a retired church music director. A former Weight Watcher lecturer, she has had many interesting and unusual jobs, including working for a private detective, defense attorney, office manager for a video production company and administrative assistant to two different pastors. She is involved in volunteer and church activities, and describes herself as creative, friendly and can talk with anyone.

“I am a Christian and love to spread God’s love and enjoy making others smile and lift up their day.”

She wishes to write a book one day. “I’ve been through several soap operas in my lifetime and lived to tell about them.”

Barb is the writer of two blogs, Passing it Forward and Blessed by Grace, both of which she invites you to drop by to visit one day.


3 thoughts on “About Barb

  1. My heart goes out to you. All I can say is that I know exactly where you are. Emotions all over the place. At times, having to break life down to one breath at a time. I get it. My mom passed away from complications with Alzheimer’s on November 13, less than a week after my book launch. It wasn’t until late yesterday that I decided to put up a Christmas tree. Haven’t decorated it, but it’s up. Like I said, one breath at a time.

    Thinking of you.
    Marianne Jordan


    • Marianne
      Your post means so much to me, and I’m sad about the loss of your mother. Yes, my emotions are all over the place because mama is not the mother any longer that we knew – but she still has that determination even though her mind and thinking has changed. There are many other complications in our lives that I didn’t elaborate on but prayers are appreciated for situations that God is aware of. You will often be in my thoughts and prayers that your grief will fade into beautiful memories in due time. Marianne, I hope you will forgive that I’m not aware of your new book. I would be interested in learning about it and read…as soon as I get the time. It’s all in God’s perfect timing. I’m so grateful for his love. Thank you for sharing.

      In Christian Joy,


  2. Thank you for for taking the time to stop by EFED, and for following it. I pray that the things you read will be a blessing to your heart and that you will find some encouragement along the way, God bless you.


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